New BMW logo

BMW has revealed a new logo that coincides with the launch of your i4 concept car and from what we can see it’s heading straight for those spot color designs. As we have said, a great brand that takes risks, although with the times that comes the truth that it is fair.

At a time when the fleet is being replaced, albeit very slowly, towards what would be electric, the risk to be taken with these logos can be more than understood. Other times, other ideas and other logos that illustrate them.

They have moved away from the original BMW logo with those brightness and those three dimensions, to embrace the flat without forgetting that predominant white and blue color in the new and risky logo.

BMW logo history

Nor have they been left in the inkwell circle shape and that continues to be the central axis to identify the logo of this famous German car brand of recognized world prestige.

What this new one does suggest is getting closer also to digital times that we are living today. A logo with more than 103 years of history and as the president of the brand and BMW customer says, we are facing a brand that is moving towards relationships.

Being clearer radiates that of being more open and clearer. And it is that even BMW has added this new logo to the history of logos to its article on its history. Remove the black stripe from the logo it is the most relevant change; some brands with an interest in colors.

A interesting proposal and change of course when it comes to your logo. And more for a company of the oldest and in which it is difficult to breathe airs of change to touch its iconic and recognized logo.