New Sonic

Sonic suffered the interpellation of thousands of users who from their Twitter accounts they cried out a cry to the sky before that Sonic that for the 3D movie seemed more like his distant cousin.

In the new trailer released yesterday, we can already see how the design of the Sonic character has been updated so that it does not lose its spirit, and thus, incidentally, satisfy those critics who did not believe what their eyes saw 6 months ago.

6 months that have allowed Paramount to put what needs to be put for today have a revitalized and much more youthful-looking Sonic. And the truth is that the wait has been worth it to have a Sonic with much more lively eyes, apart from bigger and with an aspect more to the same character of the consoles.

In the first Sonic of the movie what It was tried to do it like a more real porcupine or humanized, so that here it is characterized more than its appearance on the console or even more “cartoon”.

And the truth that it’s not scary either as if it happened with the first version and that it seemed more like the version of a horror movie that we could live in some nightmare, the kind that we do not even want to dream at night.

New Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog will have an authentic Sonic that will cheer up the detractors from the first to set foot in the cinema the day of its premiere and is the first adventure of many with which Paramount has tried to encourage us for years.

It was the same Jeff Fowler, the director of the animation film, the one who from his Twitter account has indicated that this design hopes that it will meet the expectations of the fans of the mascot of that mythical game.