Peter Saville has been in charge of designing the trophies for the Pornhub Award. Yes, that designer recognized for his album covers for Joy Division music and many others such as Peter Gabriel or Eno.

Some curious trophies for their shape and design that allows us to link them to adult content that from that web called pornhub is broadcast from the millions of screens of all kinds of devices all over the planet.

Saville has not only taken care of create some of the most iconic covers of music groups and singers, but to his credit is the official England football team jersey or even the new Burberry logo.


His design is a piece of art with all that link to the organic and the sensual that reveals the degree of quality that he has always printed in his artistic works. He does not lack the predominant color of the Pornhub logo and is inspired by the molecular structure of sex hormones and other chemistry that comes into play in human relationships.

The main challenge of creating this trophy, just as he says from his words, is to have created a sculpture that celebrates sexuality without falling into the clichés related to the world of eroticism and adult cinema. Some awards that will take place and space for October 11 in Los Angeles and this time will have an award created by a great designer.

Just these days ago we showed you the 100 most visited websites in the world and among them was that of Pornhub. Trophies that will now have the great designer Saville in their ranks so that the winners can place the trophy in the most elegant place in their homes. Surreal and surprising news without any doubt.