Yoda in robe

East Young Yoda has emerged from new images from Star Wars: The High Republic, a prequel series that takes us to a few centuries before the events of The Phantom Menace.

And the truth is that we already loved little Yoda, the young man returns us to a vital Jedi master which looks phenomenal thanks to this new concept art that leaves no one indifferent; especially to fans of the universe created by George Lucas and that has no end in its rich environment and background of characters, stories …

This young Yoda is more among than we know from Lucasfilm movies and that little guy who has appeared in The Mandalorian and who has become one of the star TV series on the Disney streaming platform.

Young yoda

Of course, those robes so tied to the JediThey are part of that deep and vital image of this new Yoda that brings us joy in this horrible year that will remain in the annals of the history of our humanity.

Young yoda

It must be said that this Yoda will not be that brilliant and enigmatic character from Return of the JediRather, we are dealing with a teacher who will be seen in the company of other Padawans whom he has to instruct. The truth is that seeing him at that age accustomed to the movies and the TV series, opens us curious about his stories and how one day we will see them on the big screen and that one more streaming.

We encourage you to return to see the baby Yoda who received so much love and of course, some Disney masks so that at least we have our own favorite characters accompanying us in the day to day of this 20xx.