This keyboard shortcut template for Adobe CC is very useful

Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe

Shutterstock has released this keyboard shortcut template best known Adobe CC. In the template you can find that shortcut for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

I mean, what are 3 of his most famous shows And now, at a quick glance, you will be able to handle in a faster way if you include those keyboard actions in your day to day. In a matter of days they will already be part of you so you can produce even faster.

Saving time means producing more in less time. Some great value for design professionals and creatives that come together in these parts. And is that managing an Adobe app with shortcuts means saving a lot of time.

A clear example is duplicating a layer. With ctrl + J we can duplicate it in a jiffy, while if we do it manually: we have to right-click on the layer to duplicate, select duplicate, a window appears that we have to accept and we will have it duplicated. That is to say, we have converted a process of several seconds in one that does not even reach the second.

The same happens with those quick actions you can do with all the shortcut key combinations for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This template can be downloaded in PDF with the shortcuts organized by program. Purple is for InDesign, blue for Photoshop, and orange for Illustrator.

If you usually use the three programs is a keyboard shortcut template more than perfect for the day. Nor is it that they are going to invent something from the other world, but it is a very efficient template. Of course, you have it in English, so if you look for one in Spanish, you can turn the page, although it is not very difficult to understand either.

Don’t miss the keyboard shortcuts for Affinity Photo and Publisher, one of fashion alternative programs to Adobe CC.

Keyboard shortcut template: download PDF

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