Burger King

We say mix if what is iconic in the design of Coca Cola will be transferred to the logo from Pepsi Cola and vice versa. And so it is with other famous food brands with their respective competition.

It is the idea carried out by CDA so that we can really see how some brands would look with the logo of their competition. And the truth is quite surprising to see a Pepsi Cola with the iconic Coca Cola typeface.

The idea of ​​having merged two logos into one is quite rare to create one for the competition and the other for that brand of soft drinks. The same occurs with KFC and other that you can see perfectly in the proposal created by CDA.

Coca Cola

What CDA does is show us in a visible way how linked those icons of fast food brands are in our mind. For this he does this experiment in which we find it difficult to unlink that typeface of the Coca Cola brand when it says Pepsi Cola. Try looking at each of the logos for a few seconds. It is not an easy thing.


Y what to say about McDonald’s and Burger King. Strange thing to see the Burker King hamburger icon with McDonald’s and the same thing happens giving it a spin with the M for French fries and that Burker King that is very weak as an advertising image. By the way, pay attention to this McDonalds campaign that has hit the spot.


A proposal that came from here, and that without any doubt is very witty and that evidences how emotional the link we have to those logos of fast food brands. It is very rare to see them interpreted with the design lines and visual language of the competition. Let them stay as they are, so nobody gets involved around here.