Remove put AI

What Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important in many solutions it is simply a reality. Especially when we see some examples of its application as it happens when putting and removing elements of an image at will.

I mean, thanks to the guys at MIT, you can remove elements from an image like putting them with a system called as GAnpaint Studio. This system is capable of generating a complete image from scratch and editing all the elements that we can see in it.

And best of all, it does it in such a way that the result is very realistic. In fact they have put a solution online so that you can test yourself how you can remove elements with the speed of using a brush.

That is, you choose «grass», you paint on the image, for example in the cathedral that we have, and the grass will appear on the brick and those areas that we have drawn. And it does not do it erratically as we might suppose, it does it in a very realistic way.

It is true that sometimes it does erase elements, when we have used the grass on the lamppost already drawn the grass on the structure, the streetlight disappeared. You can try it from this link.

Another of the highlights of this system is that it can detect false images when interpreting the relationship that may exist between different objects and their context. In the video that we have shared you can find these different uses and how the Artificial Intelligence trained by MIT works to give simply incredible results.

With Adobe Photoshop we can quickly remove objects thanks to one of its latest tools, but this MIT system wants to go further to even give us the option of generating real scenes as if we were the same gods of the planet.