My neighbor totoro

There are fans who with their great passion for their favorite series or those Studio Ghibli movies is capable of generating enough attention to make the Internet fall in love. It is what has happened to one who with His Blu-ray concept has left us all more than delighted.

It is with the film My Neighbor Totoro with which he has played the best of the ways to create one of the most original boxes we have ever seen. A design by Twitter user @panasonynet and showing that, although we are dealing with a not so mainstream format, it can be ideal for our collection of Studio Ghibli movies.

While the Studio Ghibli herself has shared with all of us Some wonderful virtual backgrounds for Zoom video calls, a fan of the Japanese animation studio had the great idea to create this concept of a Blu-ray box from one of their movies.

A scene from the movie My Neighbor Totoro in which the two protagonists are seen looking at the river and in which they play with their reflection to precisely place the image on the box. The effect achieved is incredible and has been able to make the Internet fall in love with tens of thousands of likes on the social network Twitter.

My neighbor totoro

@panasonynet is the creator of this blu-ray box with that effect so ideal for a movie like My Neighbor Totoro and that Studio Ghibli is sure to keep an eye on it. Who would not like to have a box so that when you open it, the two protas appear as if the scene of the movie itself came from the same blu-ray disc.

Now there will be wait if the idea inspires them and we see sometime in the future a blu-ray box of the same movie. They would surely succeed in merchandising.