Edward hopper

We return to another free online course from Thyssen Museum and this time he plays with Edward Hopper: «Cinema and modern life». One of the highest representatives of realism of the s. XX and that is positioned as the ideal in these days in which we have been forced to be at home.

We are in a case similar to so many illustrious painters, and it is that Edward Hopper for most of his life he did not receive as much public attention as of criticism. Curious that he has now become an iconic painter for his works that represent modern life and society.

The fact that this course is called Cinema and Modern Life is due to the fact that we are talking about an artist of a «narrative» character which is closer to cinematographic language than to the written word.

His paintings us transported to an America of the 30s and 40s. And if he himself had a great passion for cinema, the same happened to a lot of filmmakers who took him as a source of inspiration for their films. In fact, in this course you will learn about the artist’s fondness for cinema and the influence that his work has had on filmmakers and directors of photography and lighting.

Are 13 video conferences or talks and that you are lucky enough to be able to see in the order you want. You are going to get to know an artist who had to work as an illustrator to survive and who has become the source of inspiration for artists of the last century like this one.

As Jean Luc Goddard says, photography is true, and cinema is true 24 times per second. We leave you with the Hopper course so you can really enjoy it. And by the way this other course of the same museum.

Link – Thyssen Museum – Edward Hopper