Photoshop 30 years

Big day for Adobe when Photoshop turns 30 in great shape and with various new features for the desktop and iPad versions. A program that has been everything for design and creativity in these three decades of existence.

A Photoshop that in its first versions served to create the visual effects for Abyss, James Cameron’s movie, or how he invented the healing brush in CS2, all the way to the magic given with the Fill based on content. 30 years of innovation that has marked a before and after for designers, users and all industries where creativity and design have a share.

And if Photoshop was honored with an Academy Award last year, look forward to the years to come and those who are going to get through the news that they have presented today.

Photoshop 30 years

In Photoshop on the desktop are received content-based padding workspace improvements. That is, you will be able to make multiple selections and apply multiple fills without leaving the workspace at any time.

Another of the highlights that invites us to know Adobe is the improvement in lens blur by increasing the output quality and performance of this feature when done by the GPU. Which improves sharpness and edges when using this function

Photoshop 30 years

Photoshop on the iPad receives a great news with the tool selection of objects, and it will allow a great interaction as the user is using their own fingers on this great Apple device. There are also new settings for the typography and that include tracking, direction, scaling and formatting of things like small capital letters or subscript.

A big day for Adobe and the 30th birthday of the program par excellence for design and creativity: Photoshop And keep it that way for another 30 years!