ToonBoom gives its free animation program to educational centers


If we have OpenToon as the free animation tool used by Studio Ghiblie, ToonBoom is the payment solution used for movies like Klaus and that now the educational centers and schools can use free during the alarm time.

A great tool, that for everyone It also has 21 free days in the trial, and that from Harmony we will be able to recreate all those ideas that we have to animate, or simply take the day to take our first steps in the world of animation.

From your website ToonBoom has announced that every educational center, school or university They can be contacted to have their solution for animation free of charge for the duration of the state of alarm for the coronavirus worldwide.

You can access their website and find your email to send the relevant email. We are talking about a paid animation tool of recognized prestige and that has been used to create animated films like Klauss.


A solution for animation that has all the support of a community, a website with hundreds of resources and all the good work of the same program. We have Harmony to cheer, but ToonBoom also has Storyboard Pro.

Harmony has basic functions like brush tool, palettes and paint, traditional paperless animation, 2D-3D integration, deformers and cut-out animation. Its main features are the stylus response engine for drawing the isometric perspective frames or guides.

A essential ToonBoom animation program You can all access the free trial, but if you have an educational center you can send an email to test it for the entire duration of the quarantine; in fact Affinity gives free in a 90-day trial all its 3 programs Photo, Publisher and Designer.

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