Toy story 4

When we know that Toy Story 4 won’t have a Toy Story 5 In a long time, said by Pixar herself since she wants to carry out other films with new characters and more (as will happen with The Incredibles 2), we went on to show the incredible level of detail that has been seen in the fourth part of this great animation saga.

We have to remember how were the beginnings of this century in which 3D animation was emerging and it was still not seen as if it could surpass classical animation. In fact it was a topic of discussion in class when we studied the Complete Animation course in ESDIP.

Now we can’t say the same and the 3D has invaded our leisure times to star in big movies. Toy Story 4 is one of them and, apart from the story, for the outstanding quality of its 3D with an almost devilish detail.


If we enlarge some of the Toy Story images we can find that level of detail so that in Woody’s shirt in which you can see those “hairs” that cling to the fabric shirt. The textures given in each of the elements that compose it is another example.

Even Woody’s hat that if we zoom in well, we can see how the rope goes through holes that have their nuances and that seem to have really been made by a master of hats.


Pixar has done everything they can to create a work of art of 3D animation with Toy Story 4. And we just have to stop the playback to realize the level of detail of each of its scenes, its characters and those light effects.

The Same Buzz Lightyear eyebrows with their glitters and those nuances as if he were a totally realistic real doll with those eyes so well created. An ode to 3D without a doubt.