Trial Affinity 90 days

We have talked at length about the different Affinity solutions and what they are the best alternative to Photoshop, Illustrator and more. Well now they have put for 90 days available to all your apps for the time of quarantine for COVID-19.

Affinity has published a statement in which it says available to all a suite that if it differs for something it is by not needing subscriptions. They are single-payment programs that receive regular updates.

There are three actions that has made Affinity to support the creative community that has seen their lack of work diminish in these days in which we have to be in quarantine. These are:

  • A free 90-day trial Windows and Macintosh versions for the entire Affinity suite of programs.
  • A 50% discount for all those who prefer to purchase any of the Affinity apps.
  • The commitment to involve 100 creatives in various jobs and that will determine in the coming days

Trial Affinity 90 days

A timely measure by Affinity and those programs such as Photo, Publisher and Designer. Three apps that are a perfect alternative to their Adobe homonyms such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

We have been following the future of Affinity apps for a long time, as were the respective updates received for Designer and Photo, or as Publisher it can be the perfect app for publishers and designers.

We will have to see what those grants mean to the 100 designers and it could be a budget that Affinity grants each year in new works that could be requested by those creatives who have seen their production decrease considerably. Nor do we know if the measure will be for Europe or the whole world, so we will be vigilant. A largely by Affinity, so go through the link below to download the trial.

Affinty – 90 Day Trial