We live in a totally digital age, something that has many advantages, obviously, however we are very dependent on computers, tablets and mobile phones to carry out any project.

How long has it been since you wrote a letter to a friend with pen and paper? Or simply, how long have you not drawn with pencil and paper? Tablets are fine, but paper and pencil is a resource that can offer us very funny results.

I had not written or drawn by hand for a long time, and I had always liked the idea of ​​being able to use my drawings or fonts made on paper in my creations, I think it gives a very personal touch to projects.

Today I want to show you how simple power is turn the drawings you have made on paper into beautiful digital compositions, because the art of drawing by hand is not at odds with digital.


  1. The first thing we have to do is carry out our project on paper. It is advisable to make several drawings, signs, different elements, the more the merrier.
  2. Following we scan our sketches.Scanned sketches
  3. We will open our sketches in Photoshop and remove the white background. We will always carry out our work in the highest quality. Then we will have time to save them in 72pp.
  4. Each of our drawings we will place it on a separate layer and name it.Editing drawings in Photoshop
  5. Following we choose the layer that we want to modify and select it.
  6. We only have three simple steps left:

add effect

color overlay

choose the color that you like the most.

And that’s it, we already have our drawings made by hand in digital format and ready to make the compositions that we like the most.

I find it a fun technique to make posters, mascots for brands, festivals, prints, etc. and in this way we give a much more personal touch to the project.

Final composition