Adobe Premiere fast export

A interesting update arrives today in Adobe Premiere with ‘Quick Export’ in this month of November; And as Adobe has been doing with monthly updates with more than important news.

And more at a time when the video is more demanding by both users and professionals of all levels to get that quality content to your followers. Apart from the ‘Quick Export’ you can also count on optimized performance for AMD APUs and increased language support in Premiere Rush.

From the very day of today comes the update to Adobe Premiere with Quick Export (we had this new one two months ago) and it allows us to work faster and more efficiently by offering direct access to the most popular and frequently used export settings.

Premiere fast export

I mean, I know can choose default high quality H.264 output with matching font settings or go straight to a list where we have a number of presets. The objective is that we can continue reducing the size of the file without losing an iota of quality, but always with maximum efficiency in time so as not to waste a second in this maneuver.

Apart from this important new feature in Premiere, updated with optimizations to AMD APUs and that lead to an improvement in the speed of rendering up to 4 times faster. We will also notice smoother 4K playback with better memory usage.

If we go to Premiere Rush, thumbnails are included for each audio track and support for new languages ​​such as Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Turkish and Traditional Chinese.

A series of news related to Adobe Premiere in its desktop version and that Rush for mobiles that improve workflows in making videos of all kinds.