Google AR

The truth is that Google never ceases to amaze us with its creative ideas. This time it does it with its AR or augmented reality that allows us to see a 3D image of a search result. Just imagine that you are looking for the real size of a bear, because Google’s AR would be able to show it in the capture you made with your mobile.

That is, you press about the bear image and it would appear on the photo you are about to take. You give him, and he would appear next to that colleague who may be stunned when he sees the photo you just took with your mobile.

The animals of Google AR, this is the name of this feature, it is a function to this day unknown that allows us to see a 3D image of a search result. In those devices where AR is activated, the tool is accessed from Google Search.

Google AR

I mean, what are we looking for? “How big is a wolf”. It will give the search results and we will click on the arrow on the card to access more information. On the next card the wolf appears in 3D. Click on “view in 3D” and we will go to a clean screen with the wolf. Now we only have to click on see it in our space, and after granting the necessary permits, we can see the wolf howling in the living room of our house.

Between all the animals that are included we have the lion, tiger, bear or the emperor penguin among many others. An interesting proposal by Google that will surely increase in number so that we can pass all kinds of animals into our environment through augmented reality. There are always other proposals to paint graffiti through augmented reality.