Studio ghibli

Zoom has become a trend due to its characteristics, and it is Studio Ghibli the one that wants you to now use some of its images that he has published from his website as a virtual fund.

There are not a few companies that are joining this initiative knowing how The use of video calls has grown exponentially these days of COVID-19. So let’s go with these beautiful images for the best decoration of your video calls.

They are 8 images from Studio Ghibli that you can download from this link: Studio Ghibi virtual backgrounds for Zoom

These include some of his most mythical films such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away or Nausica. Very iconic images of those films and that you will quickly recognize the followers of Studio Ghibli recognized worldwide for its beautiful and great animated films; in fact, many times they have appeared along these lines as when Miyazaki made his opinion on AI animation very clear.

Related to Zoom, it is the currently most used video calling service for several reasons. One of them is the ease for anyone to join the video call conferences and for their great audio and video quality. Also that you can use a virtual fund gives it its thing and has been able in a short time to exponentially increase the number of users who use its service per month.

Although with problems related to privacy, Zoom also allows you to share your desktop and have full control over video calls. And now you can use those 8 Studio Ghibli images in your video calls will make them more enjoyable.

They use their own technology to replace the background. And if we already have a green panel for background, it works even much better. You can try a green fabric if you have it, although without it it also achieves a great effect.