Using various techniques the artist recreates Roman emperors

Roman emperors

It is not the first time we have seen a job like this, we have seen other realistic reconstructions of Roman emperors like the one shown by this artist who uses facial reconstruction, AI and Photoshop.

Haround Binous is the artist behind these recreations that are not bad, although we are left with those of the Spanish that we will show you below and that is capable of showing us even the character of some of the most hated emperors in history.

Binous uses the combination of facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Photoshop with historical references to show us what those Roman emperors would be like today. In our view he has stylized them a bit if we compare them with this Spanish sculptor who offers a greater realism.


It is true that his work is very realistic, but if we look for the details, even in some it populates the eyebrows more when the sculptures of those emperors, very detailed at a very realistic level, do not reach that much.


And it is true that in many of its recreations there are details such as the mouth or nose that are not all the same. They do make a great impression and could fit in a video game depicting Roman history, but we are a bit far behind if we are looking for something more ‘artistic’.


Anyway, it seemed to us interesting to show the work of this artist to make clear than when playing with history, and more based on sculpture from big names in art. And few hit the mark, so we also leave it to you to decide on the precision that Binous has had in realistically representing these Roman emperors.

Of the Spanish artist we do not know the name, so we stick with his work to always try to do our best to honor the work of artists from another era.

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