Sketch is an invaluable program for web designers, since it allows us to create drafts of what it will finally look like so we can show it to clients before we get to work.

UXPin has announced a new and improved Sketch integration With which the integration processes are streamlined to import Sketch files and finally edit them in this application.

If we talk about using UXPin it is because Sketch, while in the design it gives everything, in the prototyping its capabilities are more limited. So in the end you end up exporting your designs to another tool to finish the process.


This is where it comes in improving UXPin so that all that flow is carried out and saves us time and energy in processes that are now integrated. Let’s say UXPin gives you everything you need to design prototypes that work like a real product.

We talk about the entrance of real text on designs, interactive elements and even conditions. To work with Sketch we can simply create a new project in UXPin, we import Sketch and thus we will go directly to the most important part of this tool.

What has been accomplished with this updating UXPin is an easier way to bring those digital designs to a real form in order to help the web designer with their work. So we can use two of the best tools for web designers to enhance our work and save efforts.

UXPin has a 14 day trial that we recommend that you try to know a great tool to help us in our workflow and focus more on design. Do not miss all the news of the latest Sketch update in version 4.1 and that we brought you from this post in these parts.