Vintage iPhone

The truth is that it is quite an idea to take that kind of Vintage advertisements from the early 20th century to advertise today’s technology brands such as Fitbit or the PlayStation 5. They look great and each one of them could even be part of that game that also knows how to play very well with that “vintage”. We are talking about Bethesda’s Fallout saga.

Vintage posters for leading brands that have been able to give a turn to certain aspects of our lives, such as the exact monitoring at the time of all the steps taken, calories consumed and kilometers traveled.

Uswitch has taken the time to come up with six unique pieces in which those digital companies make their appearance. We not only have the Sony’s PlayStation 5 or the wearable brand Fitbit, but to the iPhone or Hive.

Playstation 5

The iPhone ad It also fits very well with that kind of vintage mobile with that big screen of those TVs that occupied its space in the living room. Vintage furniture that looks very good in these ads in which you can also see people with that particular wardrobe.

Apple Vintage

If we have those huge TVs, attention to vintage hairstyles from movies like Grease and that seems to have taken it as a source of inspiration. We have the ads on uswitch so that you can download them in full size and want to use it as a background on your mobile; by the way, don’t miss out on these Studio Ghibli virtual backgrounds for Zoom.


A great proposal by uswitch to come up with those 6 vintage advertisements in which brands recognized by all are the basis for pleasing the day a little more. Don’t miss this tutorial to apply vintage effects with Adobe Photoshop.