Studio Ghibli Museum

Like countless museums around the world, the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan, closed the doors due to the confinement that has us in our homes since March.

But it’s now for the first time that you can take an online tour inside the museum and from all the comfort that is to do it from your home. These days you can give yourself online tours through their official YouTube channel.

What makes it wonderful that we can visit the Studio Ghibli museum is that has never allowed the photos or images of the same so that the visit is even more unique. That is to say, there are no photos of the interior until today in which we can visit it through guided tours through its YouTube channel.

And we talk about what including the official website of the Studio Ghibli Museum it does not contain images of its interior. So these videos are now invaluable for fans of this animation studio and each of its films are small works of art.

So for many, like the one who writes these lines, it will being able to witness the interior of the museum for the first time. An inspiring place in all its corners and that allows us to know the museum entrance adorned with the colored glassware of My Neighbor Totoro (don’t miss this blu-ray concept box from the same animated film.

You can access the Studio Ghibli Museum online tour from the links we share and thus have a great time with this animation studio full of magic and with which these days its messages of humanity and the best company among friends and family become more relevant.