Volkswagen presents its new logo

Taking advantage of the start of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the German company Volkswagen has not only presented its new car, 100% electric, the Volkswagen ID.3. He has taken advantage of this event to premiere the new logo of the company.

The German brand has presented its new imagen with a look at its past, more than 80 years, and with an eye on its future, electric cars.

According to the head of Sales and Marketing of the Executive Committee, Jürgen Stackmann, it is “The beginning of a new era for Volkswagen”.

The logo of the German brand is formed by the union of the two initials of its name, V for Volk and W for Wagen, fully recognized both within and outside the industry.

This new logo features a two-dimensional design, smoother, reduced to its most essential elements, thus making it more easily recognizable in digital media, according to the company itself.

Until now, it was a logo in blue and white tones, simulating metal, and now, it is a completely smooth blue background and finer white letters. The background will allow it to change color, thus making it better adapt to the digital world, something that the company has highlighted a lot. In addition to these changes, they offer us an important novelty, it will be a logo with sound and it will also be illuminated.

Logo evolution

Initially, the change of the brand image will be carried out in the silver and dealerships in Europe, and later it will do so in China. Later it will be the turn of North and South America, and it is expected that by 2020 we will see it in the rest of the world.

There are around 70,000 logos in all its facilities.

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