Creative Challenge Online

Learning to draw means hours and hours of drawing correcting and improving our technique. At Creativos Online we want to challenge you to see if you are able to draw a perfect freehand circle with any device you have at hand.

We say it because it will be easier than use the S Pen of a Galaxy Note 10 or that iPad with any tool you have. We will do the challenge from a web app that will allow you to draw freehand with that device. And what we want is for you to use the comments here to link to your Twitter account where you will upload the image with the challenge achieved.

We will be good, and with that you pass 90% will be more than perfect to show your skills in drawing (in my case I have done it with the mouse). In illustration class we were always encouraged to draw circles. Practice makes perfect and if you don’t draw hundreds of circles it will be more difficult.

Creative Challenge Online

Is always important be aware of one’s pulse and take the patience to find that line that is capable of leading us to a great line of good thickness and the ability to turn. If we see that it is difficult to draw a perfect circle, we can always improve our stroke by drawing vertical and horizontal straight lines.

And come on, you better get down to it in order to improve in the drawing. Obviously it is always important to have a good pulse, but with practice and the desire you can pass on others who have a good pulse, but, let’s say, they are a little more lazy.

So now you know, you go through this website, you share the achievement through your Twitter account and then you mention us here in the comments to witness your perfect circle. The award? Have fun just for that we are also here and show you websites with which to challenge your friends or schoolmates. Don’t miss these tricks to draw hands.