What is a VPN and how does it help you at work

What is NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most recognized services when it comes to being under the auspices of a network whereby our data remains totally private without the operator or government agencies being able to “snoop” if they are in need. Today this type of VPN networks are a trend to keep privacy and our data fully secured and out of the public eye.

That is why we are going to show you some of the characteristics of this VPN network, its price and some of its best possibilities as a power regionally unblock all the content that Netflix holds Worldwide. In other words, you are going to be able to “pretend” that you are in any country so that Netflix will leave you free for the content it offers in that same region. Go for it.

What is a VPN network?

What is a VPN for is a question many ask themselves when they hear the acronym for the first time. A VPN, or a Virtual Private Net, is a virtual private network that allows us to create a secure connection to another network on the Internet. VPN networks are used today to access websites restricted by region, to put a good shield on your browsing activity of those who like to be foreign on public networks and another series of options such as the happiness of Netflix.

The curious thing today is that VPN networks were created to securely connect businesses and professional environments, although currently they are used for another series of uses as mentioned. It is what this has to take out a product, that you take it out with one goal, but then others know how to take advantage of it in another way.

Let’s say that VPNs redirect all your traffic to a network, and it is in that network that the benefits are obtained, such as accessing regionally limited content or go beyond the very walls that governments put up for censorship In Internet. In fact today all operating systems offer support for this type of network, so it is not something “pirate” or “strange”. And its use is more than recommended, especially if we get used to connecting to public networks where security is quite limited and access to our data is easier.

Expensive examples of the need to use a VPN network

Netflix and HBO

So that we understand it more easily, a VPN connects our mobile, PC or tablet to another computer, which is used as a server, on any site on the Internet, and which uses it to navigate using its connection.

So if that server or computer is in another country, our connection seems to connect from that region and not really where we are. That is we will be able to access other types of things to which from our country is practically impossible. These are some of the cases for which a VPN network can come in handy:

  • Bypass geographic restrictions on websites or streaming or audio services like the saying of Netflix
  • Play multimedia content from services like Hulu or Netflix
  • A great way to protect yourself on public networks where you can find out our browsing data
  • A great way to stay anonymous on the Internet when supposedly connected from another country
  • When we download torrents allows us to remain anonymous

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How does it work?

VPN speed

When our computer or mobile VPN is connected, it acts in such a way as if you were actually on the same local network as the VPN. All data from our network is sent through a secure connection to the VPN. As your computer behaves as if it were on the VPN, all the resources we have are available to do with them what we want and we can configure it.

That is why we return to the same thing we have said before: you can use the Internet as if you were really in another location of this planet. That is, when your browser connects to the Internet, your computer connects to the website through the encrypted connection.

Logically, if we connect to a VPN network that is in the United States, we will be able to access Netflix content as if we were there; The only thing that a VPN network in this country can have its limitations when it comes to protecting data because it depends on the privacy laws of the United States. Therefore VPN networks that are in countries like Panama are often used, a haven for privacy. Hence we come with NordVPN and that it has its headquarters in that country.

More uses for a VPN network


  • Access your local Windows network from anywhere: a VPN network allows us to configure access to our local network to access the files we have at home.
  • Access the business network on the go: just as we can access the local network of our home, we can also access our work network. All facilities.
  • Hide browsing activity on a public network: when using a public WiFi connection, browsing activity on non-HTTPS websites is visible to anyone if they know “how to look”. With a VPN we remain totally oblivious to those who like to watch.
  • Access geo-blocked websites
  • Bypass Internet censorship: not all countries have the same freedoms and in some they have their censorship active, so a VPN allows us to go beyond those walls
  • Download torrent files– Many use VPN networks to download torrent files, especially if they are protected.

NordVPN, one of the best networks


And in fact, that NordVPN has its headquarters in Panama It will allow us to continue enjoying Netflix content without restrictions. In other words, we are going to be able to reproduce it as if we were in the United States.

In fact, tests have been done that testify that using the 133 servers that NordVPN hasincluding those in the United States, and the speed over the VPN is perfect for playback and without any lag or slowdown in playback.

When we talk that you can connect to those servers we say that you are going to use a network that is in that location. Like we will be able to use the varied ones that it has for different countries. Actually yes we use other locations to watch Netflix we will be able to see the special content launched by the online content platform in those regions.

And if we talk about that we can play Netflix, we will also do the same with many others such as BBC iPlayer, HULU, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, HBG GO and many others. In other words, we will have the ability to access content specially made for all types of platforms and without restrictions. It is as if we erase all the limitations that today exist on the Internet and that many times we do not even realize.

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The reasons to get NordVPN


See, there is a good variety of VPN networks to adhere to to benefit. Keep in mind that depending on where they are geolocated be based on the laws of those countries, so you have to look very carefully at this aspect because perhaps our data is not sufficiently protected by the laws of those countries.

We focus on NordVPN, so here are some of its best strengths:

  • To download torrents: with more than 5390 servers optimized for P2P it can be said that it is one of the best in this sense to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, and sending and receiving files without any limitation. It also works with the best torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Vuze. That is to say, if we want better speeds even than we have, we will be able to enjoy downloading torrents like never before.
  • Quick Connect– This NordVPN feature allows us to use the server with the fastest download speeds. Logically, countries like the United States or England, although in our case in Spain we have a large deployment of fiber optics, they are the most recommended. Of course, Quick Connect automatically chooses the server that uses the best connection speed. So we have no decision to switch between one and the other.
  • Speeds by location: It must be said that by having so many VPN servers from which we can connect, NordVPN allows some advantages such as accessing a country from which the upload even improves ours; This comes in handy to be able to score points in torrent communities where you always have to have a higher percentage of uploading data than downloading.
  • For security we are going to talk about its characteristics in its own section

Security with NordVPN


As we have said, we must look in detail at the security and privacy that a VPN network offers us. In this case, NordVPN is fully compliant and is one of its strengths. Use AES 256-bit encryption to hide our data and which is currently among one of the safest protocols today.

This data encryption with AES 256-bit is combined with 2048-bit DH key, SHA2-384 authentication and Forward secrecy. Let’s say that NordVPN roughly takes care of checking if the data packets have successfully reached the correct server. As for Forward Secrecy, it is a protocol that takes care of giving you a new “key” each time you log into NordVPN. To understand us, it’s like every time you connect a new user does.

Regarding the NordVPN protocols, responsible for using OpenVPN UDP / TCP and IKEv2 / IPSec. The first is the most secure protocol today.

Other important features of NordVPN are Kill Switch, to block traffic when leaving your device if it finds that the connection is compromised or disconnected; Split Tunneling, when using the extension in Chrome or Firefox only the navigation traffic will be encrypted to leave other apps that may interest us to use them, such as bank apps or YouTube itself; Leak Tests and Leak Protection, and that is responsible for avoiding an exposure of our IP and DNS and that any hacker could use; And there’s no lack of support for Tor, security audits, double encryption, Nordlocker, and more.

Finally: privacy


We are done with NordVPN and its location. This registered in Panama, and this means that it is not under any law that can invade a user’s browsing data. This aspect is very important, since in another country, under certain exceptions, our data could be revised.

All this added to all that said amount of options plus extensions in browsers, compatibility with operating systems, Android and iOS apps, more than 5390 servers, 62 locations and its price of € 10.64 per month they put you in a great position. Even in the price if we hire two years it drops to 3.11 euros per month, so we are talking about € 74.64 to navigate completely safe with all the advantages mentioned.

A VPN network that allows us a series of advantages and that you will surely be able to take advantage of all the information given from these lines in Creativos Online.

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