What is Microsoft looking for with the promotion of Windows 1.0?


Promoting decades-old software cannot be understood when we see Microsoft’s new publicity for Windows 1.0 Are you looking to restart the software to use Windows 11 instead of Windows 1.0?

We don’t really know why, but social networks have caught fire to remind us of what Windows 1.0 was. Another of the inquiries opened by some user has to do with the premiere tomorrow of Stranger Things, the Netflix series that sees its third season fall on the fashionable streaming platform.

The confusion arrived on July 1 when from his Twitter account and from Instagram a video was shared in which the history of the operating system logos is seen before falling on the Windows 1.0 icon. The entire video had the slogan of “Introducing the new Windows 1.0 with MS-Dos Executive, Clock and more!”.

Logically nothing has been understood and the mystery lies right now on that post that has received the attention of millions all over the planet. A way to promote that new product or what is yet to be seen.

We have already said from these lines that could be restarting windows numbering, or, as they have said from Twitter, it may have to do with Stranger Things as it is a series that is based on the mythical 80s.

The most curious thing is that the accounts of Windows have started sharing related content With that version of Windows 1.0 from 1985 with all kinds of multimedia content that we recommend you go to see to make a good remember or have a flashback. Now to wait until this promotion about Windows 1.0 and those eighty who return tomorrow with Stranger Things and all the mysteries that are to fall will end; Muse also followed the 80s.

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