What’s new in Photoshop: change the sky with one click

Photoshop change sky

Adobe has come forward to announce that we will soon be able to on our favorite design show called Photoshop select and replace the sky of an image almost like magic.

That is thanks to Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligenceWe are going to be able to do some flourishes such as selecting a whole sky and being able to darken it, make it night, put a full moon or whatever comes to mind; to the Photoshop Camera and that on our mobiles allows those magical things.

Meredith Stotzner, Adobe Product Manager, has been the same one that has shown in a video the ability to select and substitute the sky to add spectacular skies with sunsets or the one that could best suit the scene. As an example of this, Adobe’s own video so that you do not lose detail of the novelty of Photoshop:

As you can see, the variety of skies we have to choose from and how well they are in a chosen scene, they offer us a great number of possibilities to give those images something unreal, but for wedding photos, celebrations and any that we want to use for our websites, it is in itself a great tool.

We have already seen something similar in PS Camera, Adobe’s Android and iOS mobile app, and that allows us to choose in some filters to change the sky, although limited to the filter itself. Here we have the freedom to choose a great variety of them to select night, day, sunset, or whatever we please.

Now we have to wait for the update to be released and let’s get down to business to go testing in those skies with which we can rescue some of the photos that we have taken previously and that, with those open skies, we can turn them into almost visual magic.

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