WhatsApp dark mode

After a long wait and having gone through the beta, WhatsApp already has its dark mode active in the final version and that millions of people around the world will begin to enjoy from this time until the following days.

A well-designed dark mode that depending on the version that you have, as in Android, can be activated from the system settings in version 10, and in version 9 and earlier from the WhatsApp app itself.

The dark theme has become trend in hundreds of apps and the vast majority of known ones are being updated to activate by default at certain times when the sun goes down, or simply by choice because we prefer that dark theme for our day to day.

WhatsApp dark mode

So if you are on Android you can check the play store To see if it is there, or if not, you can download the APK to have that dark theme right away.

Go preparing too when a family member tells you what happened to their mobile that now WhatsApp looks dark and did nothing. An update that improves the user experience, but surely some users will be surprised until they do it.

The dark theme is a color palette well chosen by WhatsApp and that it does not really happen to have a pure black, but a game between a quite dark gray and those tones that contrast perfectly like the greens. In fact, the chat bubbles in a conversation go between two different tones for both the messages received and those we send.

WhatsApp debuts dark mode in this long-awaited final version and that you can go checking to see if you have liked the work carried out after months; as was the brand change a few months ago.