Adam Hillman is an artist who is capable of making us feel hundreds of different sensations when we see his artistic works in which he uses as the raw material a great variety of foods that we usually put in our mouths.

Food that we have there every day and that surely it had never occurred to us to collect for create a color gradient with dozens of eggs or the originality of opening chocolate bars to leave some under the plastic and others exposed.

This is the main idea of ​​Adam Hillman’s work that leads us before an Instagram account cOn which surely, after contemplating it, we will go to the kitchen to put something in our mouths.

And it is able to whet the appetite in such a way when we see all those suckers put together with each other or like all those chocolate bars, with and without their plastics, they form a curious and original work of art before our eyes.


Those daily objects that we we put in the mouth are the raw material of this artist who uses them to create dynamic patterns that are a delicacy and delight for our senses, both the taste and the sight.


Those little bears put on top of each other to create a pyramid of colors, or that peeled and unpeeled fruit that causes all kinds of sensations to our stomach; We almost heard him roar wanting to put some in our mouths and thus satisfy our hunger.


The truth that there is no lack of examples like those coffee cups views from a top view that depending on the degree of milk they have have a darker or lighter tone and thus use them to create a gradient and pattern that is more than original and creative.

We leave you with his Instagram account and this color test created by Kandinsky himself.