Design with Krita

Krita is a Photoshop-like design program that we have had in the desktop version for some time. It is characterized by being open source, and it is now when has been released on Android so that tablets and Chromebooks can really enjoy a real design program experience.

And the fact is that, although there are a good number of apps to draw and retouch from the Play Store, there are not any “serious” such as Photoshop. While on the iPad we have Adobe Photoshop, today we can say that we have a candidate series for the adobe guys curren it and finally launch it on Android.

Krita has been released in beta form to Android for those devices that have a larger screen. We talk about the more than 10 inches in order to start enjoying your experience. Chromebooks are great too.

Krita on Android

With this program we will have a Photoshop-like interface from an Android tablet and with all those tools that we usually need. And it is that this version released to the Play Store carries the desktop 4.29.


Among some of its best features are its more than 100 brushes, stabilizer on the brush to draw uniform lines, 9 types of brush engines, repetition mode for textures and a resource manager that allows us to import brushes outside the application.

Krita is available in its desktop version on their website. And we can access it for free, although it is convenient that we lend a hand from our pocket so that the project continues. We talk about it being open source. On Android it is available for free from the Play Store, so if you walk with an Android tablet or a Chromebook from now on you have a serious candidate to design a la Photoshop.

Download – Krita on Android