Adobe Photoshop Camera

Since yesterday Adobe has made the APK of Adobe Photoshop Camera on Android. And in our first hour with the app, the truth is that it does some things more than well.

A app dedicated to Adobe Sensei and that Adobe intends to launch in 2020. It is all a camera app that comes with the aim of taking a very big step in creating multimedia content from a mobile phone.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is divided into two important sections: one is the camera itself with the viewfinder and the preview of the capture to be taken, and the second is the post-processing of images. The two tools are very powerful and thanks to the filters and effects that we can download, we are going to achieve wonderful results.


We give you some examples of what it is capable of and what with a little time on your part you will get to do. We have tested the preview on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and the performance is perfect, except in those moments of the camera preview that gets quite laggy. But otherwise the app is left to love and we can play with it to test those filters.

Effects edit

Each group of filters allows us to do double exposure, improve food photos, alter the sky to change its clouds, go from day to night, magic effects and a great variety of them that allow magnificent results.

We also stay with the automatic enhancement that puts the finishing touch to those photos that we take with our terminal. The truth is that Adobe Sensei does a great job and we can simply see how in the food photos as we zoom out, the colors change to leave us totally amazed. We can even open the ones we have in storage to improve them.

Best of all, there is a lot to come and those filters will increase in number as we hope the stability in the previous one. You can download the APK and then install it on your high-end, because the mid-range and low-end suffer a lot with this first preview of Adobe Photoshop Camera.

Download – Adobe Photoshop Camera APK