Photoshop on iPad with Select Edge

Pleasant news in these hot summer days for the owners of Photoshop on iPad, Rotate Canvas and Refine Edge are here. Above all, we place Perfect Edge at its appropriate value because it will allow some “luxuries” from an iPad when we deal with this great Adobe app.

We say it because it will allow to select the most complex elements of images How can the hair and skin of those photographs that we have be? An update that we will describe so that you can update the app on your iPad.

It is the Perfect Edge Brush that we already have available in Photoshop on the iPad. A great tool that offers great precision when selecting certain elements of the photographs. That hair in which we spend a lot of time making a selection precise or that skin, they will now be an easier job from the iPad.

Photoshop ipad

This update comes just after receiving feedback from professionals and users who use this Apple tablet. As Adobe says, Being able to ‘get close to the pixels’ is essential to achieve realistic results. We talk about how we can eliminate loose hair or remove elements from the backgrounds with great precision just like we would in the desktop version. The images perfectly illustrate this new feature.

Selection on the iPad

The second new feature of this update Photoshop on the iPad, do not miss two other new features that arrived in May and you already have them, it is the Rotate Canvas function while we are doing an edit. Which lends itself to being an important function when we are working with a touch interface that is at the touch of a finger almost as if we were with a sheet and a pencil.

Precise selection in Photoshop

A major update for Photoshop on iPad and that we encourage you to update now to be able to operate with them.