Charcoal is not an easy technique, but it is essential to study chiaroscuro when one begins to learn to paint or draw. It is this artist who uses charcoal as well as pastel to draw some portraits in which the light it is projected almost as if it were real.

Zulf is the artist who has carried out this series of drawings in charcoal and pastel with great talent in finishing. We are going to show you some of his works and of course, how to follow him on his Instagram account.

The projected woman in a chiaroscuro in such a way that it seems so real that it is quite difficult to differentiate the painting from a photo. This is what this artist who calls himself Zulf has achieved.

Portraits with light

Each of his works can take you from 1 hour to 60. Let’s say you take your time also in deciding which will be the model for one of your works, as well as the time in working each one of them. How is the study of light and how you have to take your time to achieve these types of effects.


Zulf knows how to play chiaroscuro very well and how he uses the shadow profile to highlight the shapes and those hair that take on such realism when drawn with such precision.


Each of his works denote great passion for what he is doing and how the study of light has been very important in his artistic experience. If we have talked about charcoal, we also comment on the use of pastel in these works.


We finally leave the portraits of Zulf with his Instagram account and from which you can follow him to discover the rest of the illustrations, as well as those he is working on. We leave you with Corneli and her magnificent way of playing with light.